CodyRoby follow me


Follow me is a CodyRoby game for two teams (named A and B in the following) of at least 2 players each. Each team is made of a player in the role of Roby and one or more players in the role of Cody.

Team A draws an articulated path on the board by providing instructions to its robot (Roby-A). Then team A challenge team B to find the algorithms that makes Roby-B able to follow the path with no errors. An impartial referee could be of help.


  • 20 cody-cards MOVE FORWARD
  • 10 cody-cards TURN LEFT
  • 10 cody-cards TURN RIGHT
  • A floor with square tiles, or a chessboard specially drawn on the floor
  • 40 slips of paper to be left on the tiles along the path
  • A watch or a chronograph

Game play and rules

The two teams agree on a starting point. Team A has all the cody cards available and decides in which order to pass them to roby in order to invent a path across the chessboard. Each time Roby moves into a new square, a slip of paper is left behind him/her on the last square to mark the path.

The number of cody cards to be used depends on the age and experience of players. When Roby of team A has completed his/her path, the cards are shuffled and passed to Team B.

Team B has to sort the cody cards into the proper order so that their sequence allows Rody-B to follow the entire path. The algorithm that Roby-B has to execute is represented by the stack of sorted cody cards, with the first one on top. Each correct move allows team B to collect a splip of paper and to earn a point. The round finishes either as soon as Roby-B goes off the road or when he/she completes the path.

At the end the roles of the two teams are swapped to play the second round. The winner is the team with the higher score at the end of the two rounds, or the one who took less time if the score is the same.

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