CodyRoby Duel



The Duel is a CodyRoby card game for two players or teams. The two players (or teams) use the Cody cards to move their robots on a 5×5 chessboard in the attempt of catching each other.


  • 24 cody-cards MOVE FORWARD
  • cody-cards TURN LEFT
  • cody-cards TURN RIGHT
  • A 5×5 chessboard (the side of which can range from 10 cm to about 2.5 m, if the game is played on the floor with team members in role of Roby)
  • 2 blocks (slips of paper or objects of any type, not larger than a square of the board, to be used as obstacles/barriers)
  • 2 player’s pieces (they could be either drawings of Roby printed out and cut out, or your prefered pieces, or two team members in the role of Roby, if the board is drawn on the floor)

All you need is included in the starter kit.

Game play and rules

The two teams place their pieces on two squares at the opposite corners of the a board. In addition, each team places a block on the board in order to make a square impassable. The 40 cody-cards are shuffled and packed in a deck placed on the table, or on the floor, face down.

Now the duel can start.

At each turn a team takes 5 cards from the top of the deck keeping them hidden to the other team. If the team has some cards in hand from the last turn, then it takes from the deck only the cards necessary to have 5. The team evaluates the 5 cards in hand and use one or more of them to move its Roby on the board. Moves are made by revealing and dropping one card at the time. The team can decide how many cards to drop in each turn, but it has to drop at least one.

The winner is the team which moves its Roby into a square already occupied by the other team’s piece.

There are two exceptions to be regulated:

  • if the card deck finishes before the end of the duel, than all the dropped cards are shuffled and used to form a new deck;
  • if a team makes a wrong move, bringing its piece either out of the board or onto a forbidden square (one of the two occupied by the blocks), then it loses the duel.



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