CodyRoby – DIY Starter Kit



Make unplugged coding the perfect DIY gift: no time, no cost, lot of fun, new skills.

CodyRoby is the new method to play with unplugged coding games at any age. Download your free CodyRoby kit and make a perfect gift in a few minutes (watch the video tutorial). The kit includes 40 cody cards, a cody-card box, a chess board, and 5 Roby pieces. Follow the instructions below step by step.

 print Download and print the kit. Is consists of 5 A4 pages:

  • MFC: A page containing 10 MOVE FORWARD cards (to printed x 2)
  • TLC: A page containing 8 TURN LEFT + 2 MOVE FORWARD cards
  • TRC: A page containing 8 TURN RIGHT + 2 MOVE FORWARD cards
  • BOX: A page containing the unfolded card box
  • BRD: A page containing the chessboard and the pieces

Best results are achieved using a colour printer with paper sheets of 250 grams per square meter. It is essential that the original size of the images is maintained (i.e., specify 100% as a printing option).

A black and white kit is also available. It can be used either to save ink, or to personalize the cards by coloring them by hands.


 cut Cut out the cards, the box, the chessboard and the pieces.Use scissors and follow the contours as close as possible.At the end of this phase you should have:

  • 40 Cody cards (24 MOVE FORWARD, 8 TURN LEFT, 8 TURN RIGHT)
  • 1 unfolded box
  • 1 chessboard
  • 5 pieces
  • 2 blocks


 fold Fold the box along the lines. Leave the drawings on the outside of the box.Use a glue stick to paste the gray area on the opposite face of the box. Apply the glue only on the gray area in order to make sure that it is folded in the proper way.If you are making a gift, add some drawings and writings to the box to personalize can wrap it or embellish it with a bow.
 play Play unplugged code games! The kit can be used to play many different games, proposed and explained on the official web site. Additional cards and pieces will be periodically announced and released on the web site.The first game that comes with the kit is called “The duel“. It’s a board game for two players. Read the instructions and have fun with your friends!You don’t need any electronic equipment to play with CodyRoby.

Use the #CodyRoby hashtag on Twitter to follow the updates, to provide your feedback, and to share your unplugged coding experience!

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