Cody Roby – Energy Seekers



Energy Seekers is a DIY CodyRoby board game for two or more players/teams. Robots are running out of energy. The goal is to drive your robot along the path as fast as possible in order to get to the energy station in time. The game is similar to traditional “Snakes and ladders”, but unplugged coding cards are used in place of dice to move the pieces along the path, while snakes and ladders are replaced by more appropriate traps and challenges.


  • Cody Roby starter kit (e.g., you can use the ECW edition of the starter kit)
  • Energy Seeker board with instructions (pdf file to be printed in single-side A4 paper, cut, and folded in order to fit into the Cody Roby card box)

Game play and rules

Robots seek energy.  Places your Roby piece in position 1 and drive it along the path using the Cody cards.

You need all the 40 cody-cards that you find in the starter kit, shuffled and packed in a deck placed on the table, or on the floor, face down.

At each turn, take three cards from the top of the deck keeping them hidden to the other players. If you have some cards in hands from the last turn, then take from the deck only the cards you need to have 3. Look at your cards and decide which ones to use to make your piece move along the path.

Stuck. Moves are mandatory. If you have a valid move you have to make it. If you have no feasible moves with your cards you have to declare that you are stuck to pass the turn by dropping all your cards.

Wrong move. A move leading your Roby piece out of the path is cancelled and causes it to be remotely controlled at subsequent turn by all other players, as if it was on a Remote Control tile.

Remote Control. A Roby piece fallen in a Remote Control place will be moved by all other players at next turn. Players decide how many of their cards to spend to this purpose. Following the playing order each player decides which cards to use to move is/her own piece and which one to use to remotely control yours. You take the cards devoted to remote control and place them in front of you in the order in which they are given to you. At you turn, instead of using your cards to move your piece you move it following the instructions represented by sequence of cards you got from the other players. If there are two or more stuck pieces, each player can decide which piece to control remotely.

TeleTransport. A Roby piece fallen in a teletransport place is moved to the other end of the tunnel maintaining the original orientation.

Swap. A move ending on a swap place causes Roby to be swapped with the one in the symmetric place (first with last, second with second-last, …)

Repetition. Starting from a repetition place, the sequence of instructions has to be executed twice.

Challenge. Invent you own challenges and place the markers along the path in order to challenge all the players falling into a marked tile.